Choose one of the following options to access / download CELTX:

  • OPTION #1 - Create a Celtx Account

    • Simply visit and Sign Up for a FREE account. Once your account is created, you will be able to start a new Film Script project. However, please know that the online version limits the number of scripts you can write.

  • OPTION #2 - Download Celtx Software

    • If you wish to have a more permanent version of Celtx without any script limitations, you can CLICK HERE to download a version of Celtx that is no longer available online. While this version works on both a Mac or PC, you will need to make some security adjustments on a Mac (see below):

      • To Install on a Mac:
        Navigate: CELTX > Mac Os > Celtx-2.9.1.dmg
        **Mac users will likely need to download “Legacy Java SE 6 Runtime” to get Celtx working. You should be able to find that HERE. Mac users may also need to adjust “Security and Privacy” settings by navigating (System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Change "Allow apps downloaded from" from "App Store" to "App Store and identified developers").


      • To Install on a Windows PC:
        Navigate: CELTX > Windows PC > CeltxSetup-2.9.1.exe
        Simply follow the installation instructions and you are good to go!