When I was 10 years old, I found my father's long-forgotten Sony Hi-8 camcorder buried away in the back of a closet along with some half-spent tapes... After a little battery charge, I brought that dusty old camera back to life and began recording everything I could, burning through hours and hours of tape. I certainly didn't know it at the time but this little childhood discovery would end up changing my life forever. Over the next couple years, my collection of action figures served as my "actors" as I painstakingly attempted stop-motion animation and explored basic tape-to-tape editing with several VCRs I wired together... Eventually, I saved up enough money mowing lawns for old ladies to purchase a MiniDV camcorder and a computer equipped with some video editing software - thus entering into the age of nonlinear editing! With this new power, I was hooked - I put the toys away, got some friends to help me out and I've been making films ever since! There is truly no greater feeling.


Featured below is a curated selection of films that I have produced over the years. Please know that some of the more recent films are currently in the festival circuit and cannot be made available for public viewing at this time.


Comedy | Short Script
Romeo and the Rejects
Comedy | Feature Script
Action | Short Script
Real Estate
Drama | Short Script
The Bird Catcher
Drama | Feature Script
Hired Hit
Action Comedy | Short Script
Last Wish, LLC
Dark Comedy | Feature Script
Final Cut
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The Catch
Comedy | 2019
Nutz & Bolts
Comedy | 2019
Dark Comedy | 2019
Dramatic Action | 2018
Dirty Old Man
Comedy | 2018
The Marksman
Dark Comedy | 2017
Thriller | 2016
Poetic Drama | 2010
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Making Green Trees Yellow
Reflexive | In Progress
Race & Politics | 2014
Not Without Us
Social Advocacy | 2013
Hold Your Breath
Anthropological | 2013
Max's Gift
Portrait | 2012
A Man with A Gun
Abstract | 2010
Unconditional Love
Expository | 2010
We Sing in Gloomyville
Cinema Vérité | 2007
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The Spymaster
Comedy | 2020
Special Skills
Comedy | 2019
The Mayor
Drama | 2019
The Study Date
Comedy | 2018
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Welcome Back
Comedy | 2019
College Promo | 2017
Jowonio: Educational Series
Educational Series | 2016
SUNY / CUNY Research
College Promo | 2015
Innovative Exploration
College Promo | 2014
Journalism Certificate
Campus Promo | 2013
Discovery SUNY
College Promo | 2012
ESL: A Love Affair
Business Promo | 2012
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Abstract | 2010
Abstract | 2010
Mind | Body | Spirit
Installation | 2010
Experimental | 2010
Abstract, Horror | 2009
Filmmakers Always Care
Abstract | 2009
Fish Tank
Narrative | 2008
One Dance with Dolly
Experimental | 2008
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PROVEN: The Kingdom Saga
Adventure | 2014
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