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Hold Your Breath:

Excavating the Art of Charles Clough (2013)

Short, Documentary   |   27 Mins.

In the early 1970s, a young American painter named Charles Clough founded an artist studio in Buffalo, NY along with his friends Robert Longo, Nancy Dwyer, Cindy Sherman and Michael Zwack. During this time, Charles constructed a large wooden work bench and covered it with paper. As the years went on and the space saw more and more soon to be famous artists, Charles table got covered in doodles and stains, markings and notes. When the table top got to messy, Charles simply put another large piece of paper over the last, chronicling the never ending flow of not-yet notable visitors.


Now, 37 years later, archeologist Peter Biehl and art enthusiast has been given permission to excavate the historic ‘bundle’ that chronicles the early years of the well-known Contemporary Art Center, Hallwalls.

Executive Producers:

UB Anthropology Department, UB Art Galleries, UB Department of Media Study
Producer / Director:

Sarah Elder

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