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Proven: The Kingdom Saga (2014)

Webseries, Adventure |   16 Episodes


After the death of his sister, Anthony Grift is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and admitted into Creekside Memorial Hospital. Now Anthony must fight to free himself from this dangerous treatment facility while also confronting his sister's killer - himself.


In 2004, I produced a short 20 minute film titled Proven: Dreams of Redemption which told the story of a soldier who accidentally kills his brother, the new Prince of Terlisim, while trying to protect him from an assassination attempt. The film was an Official Selection at the 2005 YoungCuts Film Festival in Toronto and was even nominated for the Best Foreign Film Award! While it didn't win, this nomination inspired me to expand the fictional world of "Terlisim" and continue the story...

Little did I know, this decision to "expand the fiction" would send me on a 10+ year journey of twists, turns, rewrites, re-shoots, re-edits, etc... For over a decade, this on-going, never-ending, always-evolving epic film-thing called "Proven" loomed over me and haunted my creative existence (as uncompleted projects tend to do)... What started as a simple 20 minute film was now an uber-complicated 4+ hour epic and, after years and years of tireless work, it was obvious I would never be able to finish... So, somewhere in 2010, I gave up.

Then in 2013, after three years away, I decided to revisit the project and re-conceptualize the story into a bunch of 15 minute chapters instead of the massive 4+ hour feature it had become. Ultimately, this decision allowed me to finish the damn thing as I was now able to jump around in the story and manipulate footage that, at times, had been shot across multiple decades with wildly different scripts...


So, after two additional years of editing, I completed Proven: The Kingdom Saga as a webseries and was finally able to free myself from this nightmare film project that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Proven: The Kingdom Saga
Proven: The Kingdom Saga
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E1: Bloodline
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E2: The Patient
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E3: Heir to the Throne
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E4: Return from Madness
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E5: Terlisim Awaits
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E6: On Journal Pages
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E11: Undersiege
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E12: The Savage King
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E10: Fragmented
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E9: Dreams of Redemption
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E8: Only Small Pieces
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E7: Intersection
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E13: Traitor's Bane
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E14: Forgotten Savior
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E15: Warrior's Revenge
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  • 2015 NOMINATION: Best Costume Design - RIO Web Fest (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • 2015 NOMINATION: Best Sound Design - RIO Web Fest (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • 2015 NOMINATION: Best Directing (Action) - RIO Web Fest (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • 2015 Official Selection - RIO Web Fest (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • 2015 WINNER: Best Webseries - Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival (Online)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival (Online)

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