FILM PRODUCTION: Getting Started

As the start of Fall 2020 approaches, it is very unclear as to what the semester will look like. While there remains a HIGH probability that classes will move online, we must forge ahead and figure out how to make the best of COM 445 - Advanced Documentary and our time together. With that said, please complete the follow FOUR items outlined below before the start of the Fall 2020 semester.

#1 - VIDEO MESSAGE: Hi, I'm Sam!

To start, please click the "VIDEO MESSAGE" button below to view a video message from Professor Sam Avery, discussing the Fall 2020 semester and our need to prepare for a fully virtual film production course.

#2 - PRODUCTION: Choosing Gear

Click the "VIEW GEAR" button below to see a list of suggested digital video production equipment based on needs, experience and price. PLEASE KNOW you are NOT required to purchase equipment for COM 445.

#3 - PRODUCTION: Editing Software

Click the "VIEW OPTIONS" button below to see the various video editing software options available for you such as iMovie, DaVinci Resolve and the Adobe Creative Suite.

#4 - SURVEY: Advanced Documentary

Click the "COMPLETE SURVEY" link below to complete a brief pre-semester survey for COM 445. Your answers to this survey will help us make the best of our time together this fall.