This virtual lesson will cover the basics of becoming a mobile journalist in this ever-changing media landscape and will encourage you to start using the technology you have in your pocket for a greater good. For this lesson, you will need to complete activities #1, #2, #3 and #4 below, become a Mobile Journalist (MOJO) yourself and document your COVID19 experience.

Complete by April 25th, 2020


#1 - WATCH: Smartphone Journalism

You have the power to do Mobile Journalism (MOJO) right now! BBC MOJO expert Marc Settle gives tips in this short video on how to use your smartphone to create compelling mobile journalism reports.


#2 - QUIZ: Mobile Journalism

Click the "TAKE QUIZ" link below after watching the "Smartphone Journalism" training video above to prove you understand the basics of Mobile Journalism.


#3 - WATCH: Light of Humanity Shines

During times of crisis, humanity typically comes together but what do we do when the crisis forces us apart? Fareed Zakaria of CNN looks at some acts of kindness around the world during the Covid-19 crisis.


#4 - PROJECT: Coronavirus & You

In these unprecedented times of fear, isolation and confusion as the world battles the COVID19 virus, how are you holding up? What are you experiencing? And how does your story contribute to this time in history?