More than just a Beginning, Middle and End, a good story must take readers/viewers on a purposeful journey in which characters transform and reveal things about themselves and humanity.


NOTES: Basic Storytelling

Powerpoint presentation covering the basics of story telling and three act structures. Click the DOWNLOAD link below to access the presentation.


DOCUMENT: Story Diagrams

Click the VIEW NOW button to see several different story structure diagrams in relation to the the three-act structure.


VIDEO: Crocodile

This short film by Matt Harris-Freeth. Click the PLAY NOW button below to watch and consider how the five points of the three-act structure may apply to this narrative.

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READ: The 8-Point Story Arc

This online article from No Film School outlines the 8-Point Story Telling Arc originally described by Nigel Watts in Teach Yourself: Writing a Novel. Click VIEW NOW to review this article.

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VIDEO: Battle of Kruger

This amateur video shot at the Kruger National Park chronicles a rare encounter at a water-hole in South Africa. Click PLAY NOW to view and consider how the eight-point arc of storytelling applies.