Writing an audio script can be a very challenging as you must create worlds using sound alone. Access course materials, resources and examples below on the topic of writing for radio.


NOTES: Writing for Radio

Powerpoint presentation covering the basics of writing an audio script. Click the DOWNLOAD link below to access the presentation. 


NPR: Sound and the Brain

In this episode of Close Listening on NPR, Bill McQuay and Christopher Joyce discuss how humans and animals have evolved to listen. Click the PLAY NOW button below to listen.


AUDIO: How To Write For Radio

This short audio play addresses the many mistakes often made by new audio scriptwriters. Click PLAY NOW button below to listen.

animal urology.jpg

AUDIO: Animal Urology

Radio personality, Garrison Keillor, performs this bizarre radio play in front of a live audience as a foley artist creates sound effects to enhance the story. Click PLAY NOW to listen.


AUDIO: Genghis Khan

By looking at our genes we can link ourselves to our parents, grandparents, and ancestors long long ago. Tatiana Zerjal and Chris Tyler Smith tell the tale of discovering the genetic relation of over 16 million men in Central Asia.


DOCUMENT: The Radio Spot

The six steps to writing and effective radio commercial outlined on one convenient place! Click the READ NOW button below to check it out.


TEMPLATE: Audio Script

Click the DOWNLOAD button below to download a sample audio script template. You will need Microsoft Word to open and use this file. However, it is recommended that you type your script using CELTX.


EXTRA: The Sound of Gravity

An exclusive SoundWorks Collection profile with Director Alfonso Cuarón and Re-recording Mixer Skip Lievsay about the sound teams work to create a dramatic sound scape to a dark and vast outer space environment.


EXTRA: The Secret World of Foley

Witness the magic of movie making and journey into the little known world of Foley Artists, who bring films to life with their perfectly-timed sound-effects.