Writing for film, aka Screenwriting, requires a solid understanding of formatting, production and storytelling in order to communicate your idea effectively. See below for lesson materials, resources and examples.


NOTES: Writing for Film

Google slide presentation covering the basics of writing a single column screenplay for film. Click the VIEW NOW link below to access the presentation.


WATCH/READ: Screenplayed

The best way to become a better screenwriter is to read screenplays. To start, simply find and read the script for your favorite film! Luckily for you, the website "Screenplayed" offers a huge database of scripts. Click VIEW NOW to check it out.



Celtx is a free scriptwriting program available for all. To get started writing scripts, click the GET CELTX button below and choose the best option for you.


READ: The Pride of Baghdad

Graphic novels are a great way to think about visualizing your screenplay as they exist somewhere between books and film. Brian Vaughan's graphic novel, The Pride of Baghdad is just one example of how to visualize a story. Click READ NOW to view a digital version of the book.


READ: Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon's and Ben Afflect's first original screenplay, Good Will Hunting, became an instant classic and gave two unknown kids from south Boston the opportunity to become major film stars! Click READ NOW to view the script.


WATCH: Certified

Certified is a short little film about a postman's first day and the terrifying turn it takes when a precocious young girl tells him of her family's horrible tragedy. Click WATCH NOW to check it out.