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A Man with A Gun


A Man with A Gun (2010) Short, Documentary | 7 Mins.


In 2010, university police received a call that there was a "man with a gun" entering Lockwood Library on the University at Buffalo's North Campus... This film explores the reality of gun violence and school shootings.


On a cold winter day in Buffalo, I was lugging my camera equipment back to the Center for the Arts when suddenly I received an emergency text from the University saying that there was "a man with a gun" on campus and to stay away from Lockwood Library...

So, foolishly, I turned my camera on and headed that direction - attempting to capture some of the action. In hindsight, that was a very dumb thing to do...


I screened this film for this first time in my Advance Documentary class and was met with tremendous criticism. Many felt the "re-enactment" scenes were inappropriate and the film made "light" of actual campus shootings - specifically Virginia Tech. Accolades:

This film was never submitted to festivals.

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