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Nutz & Bolts


Nutz & Bolts (2019) Short, Comedy | 10 Mins.


One pesky squirrel may finally bring Mr. Nutz to his knees... After proudly hanging his brand new bird feeder in the backyard, Mr. Harold Nutz is harassed endlessly by an obnoxious squirrel who wreaks havoc and then bolts! Determined to stop this squirrel, Harold goes to extreme measures to end this madness.

Fun Fact:

This film is very much based on my own backyard bird feeder battle with squirrels... For almost two years, I struggled to keep the squirrels away from my elaborate bird feeders until final I gave up... In fact, the bird feeder featured in Nutz & Bolts is the same feeder I struggled to keep those dirty rodents away from for years!!! Oh well...


  • 2021 Official Selection - Hamilton New York International Film Festival (Hamilton, NY)

  • 2021 Official Selection - Snowtown Film Festival (Watertown, NY)

  • 2020 Official Selection - Fish and Wildlife Film Festival (Moscow, ID)

  • 2019 Official Selection - Furry Burque Film Festival (Albuquerque, NM)



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