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We Sing In Gloomyville


We Sing In Gloomyville (2007) Short, Verite-Style Documentary | 15 Mins.


Two divorced parents unpack their failed marriage in this humorously tragic dramedy structured around a 1989 kid's movie. We Sing in Gloomyville documents the complicated tale of salvaging the car as my divorced parents bitterly blame one another for their failed marriage in this humorously tragic dramedy based loosely on the 1989 kids movie, We Sing in Sillyville.


While heading home from college for Thanksgiving break in 2007, I crashed my dad's 1990 Buick La Sabre only to discover he did not have the car insured... At the time, I was still searching for a topic for my Documentary 101 class at the University at Buffalo and so I decided to let the camera roll...


This film was never submitted to festivals and remains unseen by many members of my family...



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