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Filmmakers Always Care


Filmmakers Always Care (2009) Short, Abstract | 2 mins.

Filmmakers Always Care is centered around a sound bite of Professor Elliot Caplan I captured during a film production lab in 2009 at UB Center for the Arts. All the student filmmakers were documenting a group of dancers when one of the performers said, "I don't know if you care or not." At this moment, Elliot erupted from his seat in the corner of the room and declared the infamous words repeated throughout this piece. Professor Caplan always encouraged his students to break conventions and enter into territory they had not yet explored. This is likely why I made so many "abstract" pieces during 2009 and 2010. Fun Fact: The female voice in the film who repeats "Filmmakers" is the dance instructor who co-taught the "Motion Documentation" class with Caplan.



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