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Making Green Trees Yellow


Making Green Trees Yellow (In Progress) Feature, Reflexive Documentary | 60+ Mins.


Making Green Trees Yellow tells the story of two filmmakers from very different backgrounds and calls into question the ethics of the nonfiction film making. This film is a reflexive documentary that attempts to unpack the role of the director and explore power dynamics between maker and subject.


This film project was started in 2011 when I received funding to create a series of films in South Africa and Swaziland focused on stories of "success". However, before arriving in country, I agreed to mentor a Burundian refugee, who dreamed of becoming a filmmaker one day, during the production. However, as my crew and I learned more about this man and his unbelievable story of determination, we decided to turn the camera on him...


This film is still "in-progress" as the hope is to eventually bring Rheli to the United States to continue his journey.


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