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Not Without Us


Not Without Us (2013) Short, Documentary | 30 Mins.


Not Without Us is a film deconstructing the complex issues at the heart of one of the most harmful and prevalent forms of discrimination in America - the chronic abuse and stigmatization of people labeled mentally ill. Watch what happens when this group of people, often portrayed as a problem to be solved by society, bands together to stand up for their rights by redefining the nature of the problem and reclaiming their status as integral members of society.

Executive Producers:

Squeaky Wheel Media Resources

The Mental Health Peer Connection

Producers:Sam Avery

Ryan Grundtisch

Maura Kelley


  • 2016 Official Selection - REEL Recovery Film Festival (New York, NY)

  • 2016 Official Selection - Artplay Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)

  • 2016 Official Selection - We Care Film Festival (New Delhi, India)

  • 2016 Official Selection - Red Rock Film Festival (Zion Canyon, Utah)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival (Online)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Voiceless International Film Festival (San Francisco, CA)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Marda Loop Justice Film Festival (Calgary, Alberta)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Novella Showcase / TV Program & Webseries (Jackson, MI)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Ischia Film Festival (Ischia, NA, Italy)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Royal Film Festival (Benton, AR)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Festival of the Cinematics (New York, NY)

  • 2015 WINNER: Best Human Rights Film - Making a Difference for Reel (Online)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Making a Difference for Reel (Online)

  • 2015 Official Selection - (In)Justice for All Film Festival (Chicago, IL)

  • 2015 Official Selection - Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival (Niagara Falls, NY)

  • 2014 Official Nomination - SAMHSA Voice Awards (Los Angeles, CA)


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